A downloadable Demo for Android

Mike Gamma, VR Space Bounty Hunter is a preview demo of a lighthearted virtual reality romp in the style of classic point and click' adventure games. In the future we will complete this game with new features.

Help our intrepid square-jawed humanoid hero escape the clutches of the evil Narkellian galactic cartel to fight another day.

Director Rolf Mohr
Writer George Stone
Developer Rahul Bhandari
World Design Rigel Benton
Lead Artist Jeff Arthur
Character Artist Jeff Wand
3D Artist Daniel Reese
Concept Artist Ronald Stevens
Sound Design Kevin Chin
Voice Over Rolf Mohr, Maxine Mohr
Thanks to:
Patrick Curry, Eric Christensen,
Eric Christensen, Peter Galbraith

Install instructions


  1. Mount your Leap Motion sensor on the front of your mobile head mount (e.g. Nexus or Google Cardboard)
  2. Wait for the game to load up, and test that you can see your virtual hands in the game.
  3. Look around with your head. You will see a glowing wrist console beside you. Touch it to power on.
  4. Wait until the virtual navigation console appears in front of you, then explore....


  • Listen to your character's inner voice for hints to play the game.
  • Only lit up interfaces are interactive.
  • This game demo is simple, don't overthink it!

Hardware requirements:
Android mobile 5.0 and above

Snapdragon 800, Exynos 7 Octa, tegra k1 or better LeapDaemon-release-2.3.2+35031.apk

Mobile head mount device

Leap Motion sensor

OTG cable

Software Requirements:
Leap Motion 2.3.1+ Android Daemon


Mike Gamma.apk 59 MB


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Look promising, but where can I download the LeapDaemon?